Lewis Hamilton’s shock split with long-standing performance coach leaves fans stunned

In a shocking turn of events, Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time Formula One world champion, has announced that he is parting ways with his long-standing performance coach, Dr. Angela Cullen. The news has left many fans stunned, as Cullen has been an integral part of Hamilton’s success over the years.

Hamilton and Cullen have been working together since 2017, during which time Hamilton has won four of his seven championships. Cullen, who is a physiotherapist by training, was responsible for Hamilton’s physical and mental preparation, as well as his overall performance.

The reason for the split is currently unclear, with both Hamilton and Cullen remaining tight-lipped about the matter. However, sources close to the pair have suggested that the decision was mutual and that they remain on good terms.

Many fans have taken to social media to express their shock and disappointment at the news, with some speculating that the split could have an impact on Hamilton’s performance in the upcoming F1 season. 

Nico Rosberg believes Lewis Hamilton has “made things even worse”

The split comes just months after Hamilton’s former teammate, Nico Rosberg, criticized the seven-time champion for relying too heavily on his support team. Rosberg suggested that Hamilton should take more responsibility for his own performance and rely less on external factors.

Lewis Hamilton
Nico Rosberg (L) and Lewis Hamilton (R)

“I think that probably makes things even worse because even though the split apparently was amicable, you know, Angela was a real friend I think also to him,” Rosberg said to Sky Sports.

“And it’s with your trainer that [you spend] most of the time during a race weekend. You end up also going to dinner in a very small, tight group with maybe a family member and a trainer and that’s it – and for Lewis not to have her as well, I’m sure it’s going to be not ideal, not so nice.

“I think probably that’s another challenge and difficulty that he has to deal with and get used to.”

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton had another disastrous night in the racetrack in Jeddah. He finished the race in 5th position, again. He was 31.065 seconds behind the winner Sergio Perez.

It remains to be seen who Hamilton will turn to for support in the future, but one thing is certain: the world will be watching closely as he continues his quest for an eighth F1 championship.

Lewis Hamilton

As the vetran driver is going through a rough patch it’s still unclear when Mercedes and Hamilton will decide on his contract for next year and beyond as the F1 community analyzes his recent performance.

How largely do you think this split will affect Hamilton’s 2023 season? Let me know in the comments.


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