Logan Paul announces meet-and-greets for his buzz-worthy drink ‘Prime’ at city staging UFC 284 after signing deal with Dana White

Logan Paul is flying to Australia for a meet-and-greet in advance of the UFC 284 event on February 12, 2023, at RAC Arena in Perth, Australia. This will be the first event for Logan Paul’s Prime energy drink after partnering up with the promotion.

Paul inked a deal that made him and KSI’s energy drink PRIME the official beverage partner of Dana White’s UFC, which resulted in Paul earning a big contract with White’s organization.

The 27-year-old announced with great satisfaction that he and KSI’s creation, PRIME, has been named the official sports drink of one of the world’s largest MMA promotion companies. He said that securing the deal was one of his three greatest professional accomplishments.

The internet influencer is currently en route to Perth with his boxing partner KSI in order to promote the beverage. Not only for marketing and promotion purposes but also as a huge UFC fan, he will be attending the event to see the fights in person.

It would appear that Logan is also practicing the Australian accent in preparation for his trip to Perth since in a recent video he confirmed his tour using a fake Australian accent by saying, ”Listen here, you little dungaroos. We are coming to Australia, me and KSI, to launch Prime in Australia and we are going [to do] a meet-up in Perth.”

”If you live in Perth, we want to see you there. The first 2,000 people get a bottle! We are also coming to Sydney on February 13. You haven’t tried Prime yet in Australia, and when you do it will blow your socks off!’ Logan added.

Earlier, Logan announced that his energy drink Prime will be present at all of the UFC events, including the corners, the ring, and even the weigh-ins. He also mentioned that viewers will be able to see advertising for Prime energy drinks while the fights are taking place.

Prime Hydration Drink, created by viral internet sensations Logan Paul and KSI, skyrocketed in popularity and caused a stir in the beverage industry. The drink’s rapid success among young people is largely due to a joint effort between the two video content stars, who worked together on its development, marketing, and promotion.

The YouTuber turned professional wrestler has also arranged two meet-and-greet sessions, the first in Perth at 4 p.m. on February 11 at Woolworths Midvale and the second one in Sydney on Monday, February 13 at Woolworths Town Hall.

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