Logan Paul, KSI’s hydration drink “PRIME” officially signs partnership with UFC

Logan Paul got a massive contract with Dana White, but it isn’t a fight contract; instead, it is a deal for him and KSI’s energy drink PRIME to be the official beverage partner of the UFC.

Yesterday, YouTuber turned boxer Logan Paul hinted big news with UFC president Dana White. Everyone started to wonder whether it was a fight contract or a deal for PRIME, and the latter turned out to be true as Logan himself announced the update on Twitter.

Logan expressed his pride in announcing that PRIME, the drink he and KSI developed, is now the official sports drink of one of the biggest global fight organizations in the world. He listed the deal as one of his top three career achievements, calling it the coolest thing he had ever done.

“The fact that we are now partnered is mindblowing to me. It’s a simulation, this is not real life, but somehow it’s happened. We’re going to be in the corners, we’re going to be in the ring, we’re going to be at the weigh-ins, and you’re going to see our commercials during the events. It’s insane.” Logan said.

Prime Hydration Drink, co-created by YouTubers Logan Paul and KSI, saw phenomenal sales growth in the beverage industry last year. The drink became a huge success among young people because well-known internet personas like Logan Paul and KSI worked together on its development, marketing, and promotion.

Although KSI, the other creator of PRIME, was unable to attend the official signing event, he also expressed his delight in a statement posted to social media.

“What Logan Paul and I have achieved with PRIME is simply mind-blowing. 2 YouTubers with a dream, and now we’ve turned it into reality. PRIME sponsors Arsenal FC and now the UFC. What a time to be alive man.” said KSI.

The previous year, PRIME reached a deal with Arsenal FC to become the club’s official beverage sponsor. Now that it has partnered with the UFC, Prime will have more exposure in over 175 countries across the world.


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