Logan Paul urges Paddy Pimblett to move up his weight class for potential UFC bout

Paddy Pimblett is the opponent that wrestling star Logan Paul has his sights set on when he competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), where he hopes to launch his career as a mixed martial artist.

The YouTuber-turned-boxer has expressed interest in competing in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) on multiple occasions, and it appears that he is eager to make this dream a reality as soon as possible because he asked Paddy to compete in a bout with him at a weight class that is higher than Paddy’s current division.

In a recent interview that he did with KIIS 1065, Paul discussed his feelings over the prospect of taking on Paddy Pimblett. Logan stated that he has been trying to find a deal to fight Paddy but the British boxer never showed any interest in fighting him due to the UFC contract. 

“The issue is he’s locked up in his UFC contract and to get him out of that to come to box me would be an issue. I would happily go to the UFC but we are in different weight classes. If he’s willing to come up to my weight class in the UFC, I’d be more than happy to beat the sh*t out of Paddy The Baddy.”

After a brief career in professional boxing, in October Logan got a deal with WWE and made his debut in November in Saudi Arabia against The Tribal Chief. The internet sensation ultimately lost, but not before making a name for himself in the wrestling world. This year’s Royal Rumble had Paul as a participant as well. Since then, he has issued combat challenges to numerous celebrities, such as Kickboxer Tate.

Meanwhile, since his UFC debut, Paddy has been a solid performer inside the octagon, with a perfect record of four fights and four victories in just fifteen months. His most recent victory, over Jared Gordon at UFC282, was met with much controversy. Prior to Gordon, he had won bouts against Jordan Leavitt, Kazula Vargas, and Luigi Vendramini.

Pimblett The Baddy during an interview with Jamal Niaz for ‘Seconds Out’ shared his opinion in response to Logan’s fight offer saying, “I’ve told you all, he knows who the boy is, he knows who the face of the UFC is now and it’s me. I don’t care what weight he wants to fight at. I’d fight him at 185. I’d probably get him down to 175 or something.” 


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