Luca Doncic Dreamed about Jennifer Aniston and Driving Porche before Finding Fame in NBA

Luka Doncic, the Slovenian was already a star in Europe before he arrived in the NBA, in NBA he probably became a superstar of the game.

Doncic is definitely going to be as one of the greatest basketball players of all time. The Dallas Mavericks star is most likely to win everything in the NBA including the title. 18 year old Luka knew what he had to do once he gets to the NBA, even before arriving in the grandest stage of basketball in the world.

Doncic started playing at 15 years of age for Real Madrid in world’s second best basketball league in the world, The Euro League. Doncic as a teenager won several individual accolades and even led his team to a championship in 2018 playing for Real Madrid.

Following his success in Europe, Doncic was drafted in the NBA at the age of 18. Coming to NBA he wanted to win a ring here as well, along with buying some Porsches and meeting Jennifer Aniston.

Luka Doncic fantasized about meeting Jennifer Aniston and driving a Porsche before coming to the NBA

Luka is a big of the popular TV series Friends’ actress Jennifer Anniston. Doncic supposedly wished to have a date with the stunning Hollywood actress with many of his other dreams like wining all the rookie awards, some Porsche cars, regular place in All-Star teams, and also an NBA ring.

Nikola Vucevic Doncic’s fellow European basketball star who was starting to become a big name that very year sent out this hilarious Tweet before Luka’s draft to lure him to his then team, the Orlando Magic. 

Making fun of Luka, Vucevic Tweeted offering his 911 Porshe for Luka to drive but not giving any hope about Jennifer Aniston.

“If you come to Orlando, I can’t help you with Jennifer Aniston but you can drive my 911 every day”



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