Logan Paul Puts ‘life and death’ into perspective in ‘looking down the barrel of shotgun’

Logan Paul has put life and death into perspective in a polaroid shot! He says this photo of looking down the barrel of a shotgun and the split-screen of just darkness on the other side puts the concept of life and death into perspective! 

Here is the video where Logan Paul explains how he took a picture of life and death in his polaroid camera:

Paul explained that he put a splitzer on his polaroid camera lens which lets him take half and half photos. He put a shotgun on a model’s hand and told her to pose with the gun.

He says he wanted to take a normal polaroid shot but forgot that the splitzer was still attached to the camera. He only realized after taking the shot that the alignment of the gun’s barrel was in sync with the darker half of the photo.

Logan Paul explained that he found the picture to be one that showcases life and the last moments of it while staring down the barrel of a gun! And the other part puts the darkness and nothingness of the afterlife into perspective as well.

Logan Paul has a passion for photography and he has a website where he uploads his polaroid shots. His twitter caption read, “Original #76 was a happy accident”. He is talking about this particular photo which put life and death into perspective for him. 

The happy accident has given Paul one of his best original photographs yet!


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