Manchester City defender Benjamin Mendy accused of r*pe pays only £350 to mother of his secret love child

Benjamin Mendy, a former player of Manchester City accused of rape, is the father of a secret love child from a Mediterranean holiday romance.

This week, it was revealed that the Premier League star is giving his daughter’s mother, a Spaniard named Yolanda Aguera, around £350 a month after she asked for a four-figure payment for her care.

The now three-year-old kid was conceived when he met 41-year-old Yolanda, a former bank employee, at a hip hotel in Barcelona. They then proceeded to a party at a mutual friend’s luxurious residence in the city.

Mendy has not contested paternity, however, Yolanda did not include him as the father on the birth certificate. This is despite telling him about her pregnancy. Mendy has also agreed to visitation rights to his daughter.

Since then, they have been attempting to come to agreements with regard to their daughter’s care.

What did the mother say?

Yolanda stated they first met in July 2019 at the trendy W Hotel in Barcelona. Five weeks later, she discovered she had become pregnant. And on April 22, 2020, a Caesarean section delivered her baby.

Yolanda and her kid resides in a little one-bedroom apartment in the Badalona neighborhood of the city. On Sunday, Yolanda gave an interview to The Sun.

“The last three years of single parenting have been hard.”

Benjamin Mendy has a secret love child, 3, from a holiday romance with Yolanda Aguera

“Since my daughter started at nursery school this year I’ve had a bit more freedom to look for work but I’m having to focus on jobs that will enable me to fit in with her timetables.”

“The money Ben is paying will help but I’m worried about how I’m going to make ends meet and ensure our daughter doesn’t want for anything.”

She also said, “I would like Ben to be there for our daughter as she grows up.”

“He hasn’t got any kind of meaningful relationship with her just now and has only seen her once when we flew to Manchester and visited him at his home in Cheshire.”

Benjamin Mendy and his rape charges

At Chester Crown Court, Mendy was on trial last year on seven charges of rape against four women. Additionally, there is one count of attempted rape against a fifth alleged victim and one act of sexual assault against a sixth woman.

Benjamin Mendy, 28, was ordered to pay Yolanda, 41, around £350 a month towards the upkeep of their daughter

He was found not guilty of six charges of rape and sexual assault. However, the former Man City defender will go on trial again in June as the jury did not reach a judgment. They didn’t agree on one accusation of rape and the attempted rape, which Mendy denies.

His £90,000 a week Manchester City contract is expected to end in June. This raises concerns about his ability to pay the mortgage on his properties. Additionally, the big ben has been suspended without pay since September 2021, when he was accused of committing sex offenses.

It remains to be seen what happens to Mendy and his future in England. And whether he continues to provide for his daughter.

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