Mavericks’ star Kyrie Irving goes creative to cover up Nike logo after sour relationship over the anti-Semitic saga

Despite Nike ending their partnership with Kyrie Irving in December over his controversial social media posts, the Dallas Mavericks player has persisted in covering up the logo on his Nike shoes. However, during Sunday’s NBA All-Star Game, Irving unveiled a more inventive approach than ever before.

It is possible that Kyrie Irving’s choice of on-court footwear was influenced by his current location in Utah or his recent relocation to Texas, as evidenced by the tasseled fringes on his signature shoe.

In the first half of the game, however, Irving opted for a more understated look and instead wore a pair of shoes with tape and a written message prominently displayed.

As is often the case with Irving’s shoe choices, the message “Afrakan Revolution” was written next to a thinly drawn infinity logo, which was also featured on the sole of his fringed shoes.

On Monday, he posted his collection of shoes via Twitter, he wrote, ‘Thank you God/ancestors for all of our protection. I love creating moments with my Art for MY TRIBES around the world. I am Hela.’

Since Nike terminated his $11 million annual partnership, it has become somewhat of a routine for the former Brooklyn Nets point guard to cover up the brand’s logo on his shoes.

Kyrie Irving signed with Nike back in 2011 and had his own signature line of shoes from 2014. Previously, he owned one of the NBA’s most popular signature shoe lines, but he is now a free agent in the sneaker world.

During All-Star Week, two-time MVP and Milwaukee Bucks player Giannis Antetokounmpo was asked who had the best shoe line. He replied that aside from himself, it had to be Irving.

‘Probably Kyrie Irving, but he’s not with Nike no more.’

The Australian-born player faced intense criticism for sharing a controversial Amazon documentary on social media, even though he did not offer any opinion alongside the link. As a result, the Nets organization suspended him for eight games.

Since being traded to Brooklyn, he had been hiding the Nike logo but this time he didn’t. During a win over Charlotte on December 8, Kyrie Irving switched his shoes at halftime but surprisingly chose not to conceal the Nike logo on a pair of ocean blue shoes.

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