Watch: Floyd Mayweather-Aaron Chalmers face off in London ahead of Feb 25 bout

Floyd Mayweather and Aaron Chalmers finally met each other in London for the first time just a few days prior to their exhibition match.

This Saturday, February 25th, Mayweather is slated to compete in yet another exhibition bout versus Aaron in London’s The O2 Arena which will be Money’s first fight in the United Kingdom.

During the face-to-face confrontation, both competitors discussed their anticipations for the upcoming bout. Mayweather started the press conference by thanking the crowd in the UK for making his dream to fight here come true. 

The American boxer’s 20-year professional career came to an end with his 2017 victory over Conor McGregor at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Floyd, despite his retirement, maintained ties to the sport by participating in a number of exhibition bouts. 

“I retired from the sport and I didn’t let the sport retire me. My advice to him [Chalmers] is to leave here with skills. He’s rough, tough, and got experience in combat, so I’m pretty sure he’ll be at his best.” 

Pretty Boy thinks he has got a lot of experience to beat Aaron as he fought at the highest level and at all the best events and according to his experience plays a major part in boxing. However, Floyd is not underestimating his opponent by taking him lightly at all.

“I’ve seen everything but you can never overlook a guy or underestimate a guy. He believes in his skills and talent. My job is to entertain and do what I do. I don’t have to have fast hands or feet. The proof is in the pudding.” Floyd added. 

Chalmers, meantime, is trying to pull off an upset by defeating the legendary boxer by combining his mixed martial arts (MMA) and boxing experiences and skills. Chalmers with his previous experience of competing in Bellator and Wasserman Boxing is hoping to give his very best. 

 “I know his (Mayweather’s) jab is unbelievable, can I handle that jab? You’ll find that out on Saturday. I’ve tried to be sharp and fit, I’ve got a nutritionist and there’s no stone unturned when facing Floyd.” said Aaron Chalmers. 

Aaron, who is 35 years old, believes that his age gives him an advantage over Mayweather, so the English fighter believes that it’s just about being sharp and being in his face as Floyd is one of the best boxers, so he can’t get too carried away and get clipped while facing the best of all time. 

Floyd Mayweather has faced off against the likes of Tenshin Nasukawa, Don Moore, Logan Paul, Mikuru Asakura, and Deji Olatunji across five exhibition bouts so far.


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