Max Verstappen’s heart-stopping encounter with giant lizard during Singapore Grand Prix practice

Every year, numerous races are held at each consecutive track for an F1 event, which happens with many unpredictable things. However, a lizard on the tracks enjoying its little view and getting noticed by none other than Max Verstappen was something that was the least likely to happen.

“Mad Max” had encountered a “Godzilla” while driving in the practice run in Singapore. It was a hilarious moment that made the reporters laugh too, and wrapped the whole event with a euphoric ambience.

Max Verstappen nearly missed a giant lizard on Singapore GP practice track

Ahead of the upcoming main event, Max met a “Godzilla” face-to-face on the tracks in Singapore during practice as he drove around the creature. The Red Bull driver remarked: “Ah! There’s a lizard again on the track, a smaller one this time.”

With Red Bull race engineer Gianpiero Lambiase joking: “understood, maybe Godzilla had a kid.”

The lizard interrupted multiple times, causing yellow flags to slow practice.

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This wasn’t the first time Max had encountered a reptile on the track. He also came across a monitor lizard in FP3 in Singapore back in 2016, as these creatures are commonly found in the country. Verstappen exclaimed: “There’s a giant lizard on the track,” and later laughed as he passed Turn Three before announcing: “I am not joking.”

Verstappen finished the session in third, with McLaren’s Lando Norris taking up the fourth spot and Lewis Hamilton in fifth.

Max Verstappen shares his thoughts on practice session ahead of Singapore GP

During his free practice sessions, Max was fairly disappointed at the coordination of the team as well as the overall performance of the car. It was a messy Friday for the driver as well as the whole team watching their downfall.

With the Dutchman struggling to mix it with the fastest drivers of the session, Verstappen came onto the radio to complain, stating: “I’m sorry, but I cannot drive with these upshifts. What the f**k is this? Unacceptable.”

The driver then continued to show his disappointment with a bit of hope still alive in his heart by saying “We’ll try to improve of course, but there is a huge gap. Ferrari is very fast, I think we are just way worse than we expected.”

“We tried quite a few things in FP2; some worked, some didn’t. We never really got the car together so it’s quite a few things to figure out tonight.” added the young driver.

Do you think Red Bull’s condition deteriorated due to being on a different track or Ferrari is just advancing at a steady rate? Please let us know in the comments below!


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