Mbappe’s PSG future in doubt as contract clause puts potential summer departure on table

Kylian Mbappe is the next-generation superstar as the Frenchman is going through the time of his life and is arguably the hottest property in the transfer market if PSG is brave enough to sell the World Cup winner.

Mbappe signed a contract extension with PSG in May despite rumors circulating about the possibility of him moving to the giant club Real Madrid which is deemed his childhood dream.

However, PSG used the France president and lucrative offers in front of the superstar which left very few options for him to deny the French Champions and signed for another two years at the club as an option to extend further one more year.

Mbappe is the highest-paid footballer in Europe after striking a new agreement with the French Capital as he earned more than $50 Million per season and further received $100 Million as part of signing a new deal.

Mbappe’s contract with PSG will technically be over in 2024 if the sensational footballer opted out against extending the additional one year which will be very crucial in terms of his dream being fulfilled.

The option to extend the One-year period will last for PSG for another four months period as after that, there will be no further negotiations and the World Cup Golden Boot winner can explore options for the future as a free agent.

It is widely speculated that Mbappe won’t extend his contract despite having a luxurious life in the city of Eifel Tower with an upper hand over the decision-making process to the club as he is still chasing his dream to represent Madrid.

PSG, on the other hand, is struggling heavily in the biggest competition in Europe, UEFA Champions League after failing to win the trophy on not even a single occasion which left Mbappe very little choice to make.

Where will he end up at the end of his contract and will the Frenchman extend the one-year option with the club are the questions that are circulating heavily around the head of PSG authorities and only a matter of time will answer as the clash against Bayern Munich will be vital.


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