Mike Tyson’s initial reaction when he was told he couldn’t defeat Conor McGregor

Iron Mike is one of the most intimidating fighters to ever live. He was known as the baddest man on the planet during his prime as a boxing champion. Mike knocked people out on his way to the top and reigned as the heavyweight champion for a long time.

But the brash young mike has since calmed down and taken a wise slow approach in his advanced age. Mike has become much more mellow and has a friendly online presence. He has appeared on TV shows and game shows more during his later years than he did at the peak of his stardom.

Mike Tyson was involved in a prank show where contestants were asked to chose a winner between Mike Tyson and Conor McGregor. There is realistically no comparison between the two as Mike was a heavyweight while Conor is a diminutive lightweight fighter. Mike would appear next to the contestants faces and challenge them to say it to his face.

Here is the clip:

Mike was not verbal in his initial reaction but instead stared directly into the soul of the contestant who picked Conor as the winner. The woman was scared at first but broke out into laughter along with Iron Mike. The lighthearted session was jovial affair.


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