Molly McCann’s shocking revelation on Conor McGregor texting her advice

Former Cage Warriors Flyweight Champion Molly McCann talked about her challenges with stardom and the advice Conor McGregor offered her on how to deal with it.

McCann, a fan favorite, will make her UFC 281 debut against Erin Blanchfield on Saturday, Nov. 12, at New York’s legendary Madison Square Garden.

Molly McCann enters the battle fresh off back-to-back brutal spinning-back fist knockout victories, seeking to extend her three-fight winning streak and move up the rankings after recently coming in at the 15th slot.

Not about delivering a perfectly timed left hand to the chops, but about dealing with the pitfalls of fame, and, arguably, no one better to discuss this topic than the Irishman himself. McCann just revealed Conor McGregor’s advice on dealing with fame.

“I messaged him going, ‘how do you handle this?’ Because you can blow up, and then you can blow up. I just couldn’t quite get me head around how sometimes people are with ya. He was just like, ‘when you’re in the gym, it’s just the gym. Don’t let no one else in. Keep everyone outside. Always remember, it’s just fighting. You’re a cage warrior.’ That’s what we are, cage warriors champions. He said some mad things about Valentina’s going to get a mad smack and all this. It was so poetic and it was so lovely.

“But my partner Ellis printed it off and put it in a sign and MSG. It’s in my room so everyday, if i’m struggling or feeling good, I don’t need to get ahead of myself. Get a big fat head and walk around with ego. It’s to stay grounded and realize I’m just there to win. The rest of it, the external factors mean f*ck all.”

Molly McCann believes she has developed as an athlete and is more capable in her quest to maybe becoming a champion after nine UFC appearances.

Meanwhile, McGregor is working hard on his Hollywood debut in the upcoming adaptation of the 1989 classic Road House.


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