NASCAR community reacts to drivers’ socks underwear mandatory safety rules announcement ahead of 2023 season

In order to ensure the safety of its drivers, NASCAR has a very strict list of equipment requirements. However, one of these prerequisites has recently been changed, and word of this is spreading like wildfire across the racing community.

Several of the goods that were previously labeled as “recommended” are now “mandatory,” as racing reporter Jeff Gluck of The Athletic reported on Tuesday afternoon.

“NASCAR has updated its safety rules to make these driver items mandatory instead of just recommended,” Gluck said in a Tweet.

However, as a consequence of the newly enforced laws, drivers and fans all over the world responded hilariously, but it seemed to be a mandatory requirement after the changed introductory safety rules and regulations are being under surveillance.

F1 race director Niels Wittich wrote in a letter to the teams, per, “The above-noted regulation is written to ensure that the FIA-approved Flame-resistant clothing, including both the outer layer overalls and inner layer in contact with the skin, can operate effectively and provide the designed level of protection if exposed to flames.

“The use of non-flameproof materials in contact with the driver’s skin, and in particular synthetic materials, can reduce heat transmission protection and thus increase the risk of burn injuries in the event of a fire.

“In the worst case, such materials may melt which can hinder treatment in the event of a burn injury.”

Sebastian Vettel’s decision to wear Puma underwear outside of his race suit before the first free practice became a major topic of conversation from the Australian Grand Prix through the weekend of the Miami Grand Prix. He said to at the time, “It was just a piss-take. I don’t care, but it’s just funny that we keep talking about it.”

The 2023 NASCAR Cup Series begins with the Busch Light Clash at the Coliseum on February 5.


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