Nate Diaz lashes out viciously at Eddie Hearn after Jake Paul fight criticism: “I’ll beat all your fighters’ a**es”

The former UFC fighter Nate Diaz earlier this month made his boxing debut against the one and only Jake Paul, aka The Problem child. Leading into the fight the two engaged in trash talk and exchanged a lot of heated words.

After battling it out for 10 long and exhausting rounds, The boxing match resulted in a win for the YouTuber turned-boxer Jake Paul via a unanimous decision. Nate showed courage and toughness throughout the match but was overpowered by Jake who has more experience inside the ring.

Jake may have had the real victory but Nate had more of a moral victory as he won the hearts of the audience by displaying his toughness in the boxing ring. However, boxing promoter Eddie Hearn was not impressed and labeled the fight as “awful” saying the skill set was “low level”.

Nate Diaz slams Eddie Hearn over Jake Paul fight criticism

Nate Diaz had a strong response to the criticism by the head of Matchroom Boxing, Eddie Hearn. He posted a tweet replying to Eddie Hearn, saying “Eddie Hearn I’ll beat all ur fighters asses Lightweight middleweight Heavyweights any weight all of them will get fucked up And unless it’s complimentary keep my name outta your mouth cause u might get it also And fighters check your promoter so he doesn’t get uguys punked.”

This response by Nate Diaz had a lot of fans reacting. One said “You lost to Jake Paul, you are not the guy.”

Many trolled Nate Diaz for his response whereas many trolled Eddie Hearn. Diaz’s response to Eddie Hearn is just one of the many he has made after losing to The Problem Child, Nate Diaz has also called for a rematch against Jake Paul in the MMA octagon/cage.

What did Eddie Hearn say about Nate Diaz vs Jake Paul fight?

Eddie Hearn was featured on The MMA Hour, wherein he gave his thoughts about the Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz fight and he was not impressed by the skills and the quality of the two fighters. He said, ” It was awful, do not get me wrong, the event was unbelievable, But when you’re talking about — you know MMA like the back of your hand.”

“We have something in the U.K. called an area title, which is in a specific radius — it’s kind of like a state title. These guys wouldn’t win a state title – that’s the level they’re fighting at,” he added.

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