NBA fans drool over France’s future superstar Victor Wembanyama, his recent performance exhibits why every major franchise are keeping tabs on him

Victor Wembanyama is the name that has created more buzz than any other player for the upcoming 2023 NBA draft. Most of the teams are already eyeing him because of his exceptional physique and unparalleled skills. This youngster has already shown enough potential to invite immense attention from the teams and NBA fans alike. He is considered a generational talent as no other contemporary rising star comes close to him in comparison.

An athlete’s height plays a significant role when it comes to basketball. The 18-year-old has already grown to be 7-foot-4 inches tall. He has caught the eyes of the major franchise as this player will benefit the team by adding approximately $500 million to the value of the team. Netizens have even compared this young talent to the veteran star, LeBron James!

LeBron himself even applauded Wembanyama saying,  “No one has ever seen anyone as tall as he is but as fluid and as graceful as he is out on the floor … He’s, for sure, a generational talent,” reported.

Wembanyama left an incredible impression after playing 2 games in Vegas. He scored 73 points on 22-for-44 shooting, nine 3-pointers, 15 rebounds, and nine blocked shots in two exhibitions. The highlight of the game was when Victor Wembanyama blocked a shot, sprinted to the other end of the court, jumped from just inside the foul line, caught an alley-oop pass with one hand, and dunked the ball. The entire sequence lasted eight seconds, leaving everyone in awe.

No wonder all the teams want this player on their side, who is simultaneously fierce and fearless on the court. Time will reveal who can finally put this rare gem in their purse. Which team do you want Wembanyama to play for? How far do you agree with the assumption that he is going to be the next biggest thing in basketball? Let us know!

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