Stan Van Gundy Takes to Twitter Passionately Defending Steve Nash’s “Adjustments” in Brooklyn Nets

Basketball coach Stan Van Gundy has taken to Twitter to defend his fellow manager Steve Nash from internet trolls who claimed “Steve Nash definitely isn’t making adjustments”.

Gundy went on a Twitter rant against the random troll, exclaiming that a lot of adjustments were made by Nash during the game which wasn’t recognized by the casual fans.

Gundy provided a breakdown of the adjustments that were made by Nash against the Celtics. Here is the Twitter row:

Gundy pointed out that no matter what the coach did or how many adjustments were made, the result would be the same if the other team was simply better.

Gundy was passionate about defending his fellow coach. The coach has been singled out by many fans due to the Net’s poor run in the series against the Celtics. But the problems, as pointed out by Gundy are not with just the coach himself but also with the team that is on the court.

Despite having stars such as Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving on the team, the Nets have struggled through every game against the Celtics. They were cleanly swept out of the playoffs by a much better Celtics team.

The nets have been in the news for all the wrong reasons during this series. With Kyrie Irving getting caught up in the drama with the Boston fans and Kevin Durant getting trolled both online and by former teammates.

The Brooklyn Nets have been defeated 4-0 by the Boston Celtics in the latest playoff series. The fans and the basketball community have all been mocking the New York-based team, But it seems that Stan Van Gundy still has faith in the team!


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