NBA No. 1 Draft Pick Victor Wembanyama gets brutally slammed for his height: “I’ve seen sticks with more muscle, sure he’s got the height but he is too weak”

NBA No. 1 Draft Pick Victor Wembanyama is receiving heavy criticism for his height after a humiliating video of him recently went viral, escalating the already heated debates about the NBA draft.

Fans have used Twitter to voice their concerns about the athlete, with one tweeting, “He’s getting cooked in the league, you’re just hyping him up because of his height.” Wembanyama, who is renowned for his tall size and slim form, has drawn a lot of interest as one of the greatest prospects in history.

Height benefits Victor Wembanyama will get in NBA

A tall center with remarkable height, Victor Wembanyama probably has some advantages in the game. His exceptional height enhances his abilities to block shots, thwart opponents’ efforts to score, and collect rebounds. Wembanyama’s unexpected skill as a 3-point shooter also gives his game another depth. Nevertheless, some people dismiss him as weak because of his thin build despite his abilities.

Although his height is a benefit, there are still concerns regarding his physical strength. Players grow physically over time, therefore it’s crucial to keep in mind that Wembanyama’s potential and skill set shouldn’t be only judged by his current physique.

The viral footage has increased skepticism about his ability, with some speculating about his lack of power despite his great numbers and distinctive playing style. I’ve seen sticks with greater muscle, critics have said.

He may be tall, but he lacks strength. The already contentious discussion around this year’s NBA draft has become even more contentious due to the attention surrounding Wembanyama’s roughness.

Worth of Wembanyama becoming the No. 1 Draft Pick

Spurs win NBA draft lottery, right to pick Victor Wembanyama - Los Angeles Times

The San Antonio Spurs’ No. 1 overall choice, French sensation Victor Wembanyama, will make an astounding $55 million for the course of his rookie deal. The 19-year-old is considered as the most potential NBA talent since LeBron James and is an incredible 7 feet 5 inches tall.

The NBA’s rookie pay structure makes sure that a player’s draft position has a direct impact on the value of their contract, making higher picks more lucrative.

Only the first two years of any first-round pick’s four-year deal with an NBA franchise are completely guaranteed. Due to his great talent and promise, Wembanyama not only received the first pick in the NBA draft but also a significant cash windfall as he began his NBA career.


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