Tyson Fury to step in octagon vs Jon Jones? Gypsy King claims he got ‘show-stopping’ opponent lined up

Tyson Fury, who’s currently making desperate efforts to secure a fight for this summer, has been teasing his fans about an upcoming fight, but it appears that the highly anticipated matchup with Jon Jones may not materialize, according to recent indications.

Despite the initial excitement surrounding the possibility of a fight between Fury and Jones, it seems that fans will have to wait for another time or consider alternative opponents for Fury’s upcoming bout.

Tyson Fury vs Jon Jones idea dropped?

Recently, Dana White revealed that Fury and Jones might engage in a spectacular fight under the UFC’s rules. It was pretty thrilling for fans of both boxing and mixed martial arts.

“The Gipsy King”, however, expressed different thoughts in an interview with Bloody Elbow. The Briton found the idea absolutely ridiculous as he said, “To be honest with you, all this talk of me and Jon Jones fighting in a cage is absolutely ridiculous,” 


The British heavyweight icon thinks there’s no reason for him to get into an octagon to fight ‘Bones’. If he sticks with his plans then the MMA fans would not likely be witnessing this epic matchup. 

“I’m the lineal world heavyweight champion. The man who beat the man going back to John L. Sullivan. Why would I even dream of going in a cage and wrestling and all that? It’s not my thing.” Fury added.

Tyson Fury’s next opponent rumors

In the middle of the confusion surrounding his next fight, British heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury posted a message to his followers on Instagram. The WBC heavyweight champion uploaded a video of his training session. 

The Gipsy King, who last engaged in a fight in December, announced in the video that a significant announcement is about to be made saying, “We’re coming and we’re bringing pain with us, we’re bringing a whole lot of pain.” 

Apart from Bones, there are now numerous reports about Tyson and other heavyweight fighters facing off against each other, but Demsey McKean of Australia is one of those rumors that might actually materialize.

“Keep tuned, big announcement coming. I know I’ve said it a few times now, but I’m very excited. It’s here, it’s landed.” Fury said.

The WBC heavyweight champion seemed eager to face Anthony Joshua as well. Previously, Tyson would not have pursued a fight with Joshua considering the past negotiation failures, but now that he is having trouble finding a suitable opponent, he may even accept AJ as his opponent in the ring.

Who do you think Tyson Fury will next square off against Demesey McKean Anthony Joshua, or Jon Jones? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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