NBA Rumors: Al Horford’s Guaranteed Contract Agreement Increases from $14.5 to $19.5M with Celtics Reaching NBA Finals

Al Horford carried the Boston Celtics to crucial wins over the Milwaukee Bucks in Eastern Conference semifinal and against Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Final series. The Celtics center is playing good roles as the Celtics reach the 2022 Finals and he is looking forward to win against the warriors in the Finals the first title with the Celtics.

Winning the Finals will not only bring the first title to Horford, it’ll earn him a massive increase in payments. Next season is the final year of a four-year, $109 million contract Horford signed with the Philadelphia 76ers back in 2019. The first three years and $82.5 million of the deal were guaranteed.

However, Horford was guaranteed only $14.5 million of his $26.5 million salary initially with a twofold condition of increasing if the Celtics goes into the Finals and wins the title.

As ESPN’s Bobby Marks noted four years ago that Horford’s guarantee increases to $19.5 million if his team reaches the Finals, now is the time for Horford to have the sum, as Bobby made this by a tweet after the game 7 win of Celtics over the Heat and Celtics going to the Finals.

However, Al Horford’s entire $26.5 million is guaranteed if the Celtics win the Finals against the Golden State Warriors, on which Al Horford is definitely looking forward to at this time. Celtics are very close to winning of another championship which if happens awards Horford his first NBA Championship.

This 2022 Finals will earn Al Horford a lot of money with his first NBA trophy, Al definitely wants to win the Finals!


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