Nets’ PG Ben Simmons demands ex-girlfriend to return his $1million engagement ring after break up

People claim “love is blind,” and there are enough reasons to back it. While being in love, couples do some insane- out-of-the-world- shenanigans, like buying a million-dollar ring without any plan to get married. So did Brooklyn Nets point guard Ben Simmons. 

Ben had been dating Love Island’s Maya Jama for over a year. The couple first met in 2021 and fell in love. Their fling continued for just a year. However, in this short time, they thought they knew each other well enough and considered themselves soul mates.

Thus, hurrying into things, they got engaged without considering the issues that might arise in the future.

Ben Simmons and Maya Jama
Ben Simmons and Maya Jama snapped kissing at Wimbledon in 2021.

Inevitably, Ben and Maya went in separate directions as they could not give each other enough time due to their long-distance relationship. Ben playing for the Nets, mostly stays in the US. On the other hand, Maya is from the UK and lives in London.

Besides, both have different careers, and they were not the perfect fit as they were initially thought to be, left alone being soulmates. 

However, even after Simmons and Jama broke up, Maya kept the ring and did not try to return the $ 1 million jewelry. Now, after getting his sight back- which was blinded by love- Ben Simmons demands the engagement ring back from Jama with a legal notice. 

One of Ben’s friends spoke to reporters about the matter, expressing why Simmons made such a move. 

What did Ben Simmons’ friend say to the reporters?

Simmons’ friend, in an interview with UK reporters, went on to say- 

“Ben was really shocked when she left and didn’t give him the ring back. He was madly in love with her and thought it was forever so was really p***ed she didn’t give it back. It cost around $ 1 million and they were engaged less than a year.”

Now ending all the drama, Maya plans on giving Ben his ring back and hopes the best for Ben.

What do you think? Was it right for Ben to ask for the ring? Or should engagement rings be considered “absolute gifts” and something not be returned? Let us know in the comments. 


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