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NBA Season 2020: New Court Unveiled with ‘Black Lives Matter’ Logo

New Court Unveiled with ‘Black Lives Matter’ Logo

The pandemic has taken a toll on our daily lives that we were used to. But amidst all of the chaos up till now, the NBA teams and fans are all set for the game to begin from July 30 onwards with the Utah Jazz facing the New Orleans Pelicans (6.30 pm ET) and the LA Clippers meeting the Los Angeles Lakers (9 pm ET).

The NBA Court is all set for the season to resume and as per the promise, it has the print “Black Lives Matter” on its court. It is in black and bold, and the NBA makes its stance loud and clear, with these court visuals resurfacing on the Internet.

Plexiglas panels are set for the broadcasters that are going to be there, folding chairs meant for the coaches and players are all spaced out each with a  distance of 6ft between them. Large video screens would also be set for a close look at the game.


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