Neymar’s girlfriend Bruna Biancardi faces terrifying home invasion by armed robbers, take her parents hostage

Neymar Junior is one of the best and most skilled players football has ever seen. The Brazilian magician is always one step ahead of his opponents and has several flashy moves in his pockets to get past his rivals and score a goal.

Unfortunately, the player who is bad news for all of his opponents has now faced a bad incident himself. Neymar’s girlfriend, Bruna Biancardi, had a terrible experience after some armed robbers broke into the Brazilian supermodel’s house and threatened her parents. All of this has shaken Bruna, who is now scared about her safety.

Neymar’s girlfriend Bruna Biancardi family house robbed

Neymar Junior and Bruna Biancardi welcomed their daughter Mavie into this world on October 6, 2023. The couple was very happy and announced the birth of their daughter to all of their fans through their Instagram accounts. Only one month after the birth of Mavie, some robbers tried to kidnap her from Bruna’s house in Sao Paulo. The three robbers were granted access by one member being a resident of the same condominium.

They were looking for Bruna and her daughter, but luckily the two were not at home at that time. The robbers found Biancardi’s parents and tied them up. Though they did not harm anyone, the culprits did manage to flee the scene with several luxurious and valuable items. The authorities are handling the case, and one of the three culprits has already been apprehended.

Neymar’s girlfriend Bruna Biancardi speaks out following Invasion

It is totally understandable that Neymar’s girlfriend is shaken after the incident and is worried about the safety of her and her parents. She talked about the incident and informed her fans about everything through her Instagram account, saying, “That morning they robbed my house and took my parents hostage. Me, Mavie, and my sister are no longer living there, and we weren’t at the moment. Thank God everything is fine with them.”

Bruna also expressed her concern about her loved ones. She said that she can afford the material things again, but justice is more important. “Material things we can win back; the important thing is that everyone is well and that those involved are being found. Thank you, my God, for taking care of us. Always protect my family from all evil, Amen.” Neymar Junior, who signed a contract with Al Hilal this season and is currently living in Saudi Arabia, has not talked about the incident yet.

Hopefully Bruna and her family will recover from this, and the police will ensure her and her family’s safety.


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