“Oh my God” LeBron James reacts to Ja Morant’s stunning dunk in Grizzlies vs Pacers game

Ja Morant’s poster slam against the Indiana Pacers sent shockwaves throughout the basketball world, leaving fans and players alike in awe of the Memphis Grizzlies guard’s incredible play.

One of the many people who were left in disbelief was Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James. The dunk, which resulted in a facial for the Pacers’ Jalen Smith, has been dubbed as an early Dunk-of-the-Year candidate and it’s not hard to see why.


After watching the slam and all the replays of it, James took to his Instagram stories to express his disbelief, giving a shoutout to Morant and also to Ziaire Williams for his reaction to the dunk. He wrote, “OH MY GOD!!!!!!! Man, what’s wrong with you [Ja Morant].” The Lakers also shared a photo of Williams’ shocked reaction to the dunk on their Instagram story and wrote, “Me too Zaire!! Me too!!”, along with multiple laughing emojis.

It’s hard to blame James for his reaction, as Morant’s dunk was truly something to behold. It’s clear that this won’t be the last time that LeBron and the rest of the NBA will see a monster throwdown like that from Morant, but one can only hope that he won’t do it against the Lakers. The Grizzlies guard’s dunk was an incredible display of athleticism and skill, and it’s no surprise that it left everyone in awe.



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