“Sent him to hell” Boxing world reacts to KSI’s brutal KO of FaZe Temperrr at Misfits Boxing 4

The cancellation of the match between Dillion Danis and KSI put the British boxers in a very precarious situation. Although at the late call, FaZe Temperrr make it to the list and replaced Danis’ place. Despite having the wildest time before the bout, the Misfits Boxing 4 was quite the contrary. In which KSI triumphs over FaZe Temperrr without breaking a sweat.

The fight between JJ and Temperrr was expected to be a convincing win for the British influencer. However, it wasn’t expected to be this quickly. Having said that, the fight took place at Wembley Arena in London. After entering the boxing ring, JJ immediately went hunting for a knockout.

Even though Temperrr defended himself for quite a while, it wasn’t good enough before KSI. However, it was only a matter of time before the British Youtuber turned boxer landed and ended the fight when he cracked his opponent with a 1-2 combination, the fatal blow being a left-hand bomb.

After the social media persona was asked by the media about his future plans, he replied, “Yes, I need to be tested,” KSI said. “I need more tests until I reach the final level. The final point: Jake m************ Paul.”

Despite making such a daring remark, people on social media have been talking about Jake Paul vs. KSI for a long time. It is built up to be one of the most anticipated fights ever. Nonetheless, following the overwhelming victory over Temperrr and the fearless remark, fans have made some intriguing comments about the situation. Here are a few of them.

The comments on Twitter were mostly about the triumph over FaZe clan’s member, but there were a few hints regarding the Jake Paul vs. KSI match. In fact, Logan Paul himself shared a video clip of KSI’s victory with the caption “he’s done it again, @ksi” in which both Paul brothers are watching the match.



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