Paddy Pimblett brutally criticized by fans over shocking video showing UFC star ‘Sparta‘ kicking dwarf to ground

Paddy Pimblett is in the news again, and not for good reasons. Fight enthusiasts have expressed disapproval of him, a popular British MMA fighter. Recently, a YouTube video surfaced of him using a front kick to knock down a little person as part of an offensive stunt.

Pimblett has gained significant recognition in the sport due to his 20-3 record and vibrant persona. In the footage, he can be seen striking the unnamed individual with force, as the latter attempts to shield himself with a pad.

‘Don’t do it hard, bro,’ the man says just before the kick is delivered.

‘Like Sparta? “This is Sparta”?’ Pimblett said in response by referring to a well-known scene from the action movie 300. In the film, the protagonist uses the phrase before kicking his enemy into a deep well.

He successfully executes the kick, sending the individual flying and causing him to fall to the ground. While Pimblett and YouTube personality Danny Duncan, who has amassed over seven million subscribers for his pranks, burst into laughter.

In addition to the kick, Paddy puts the individual in a triangle choke hold, causing him to tap out. Following the video’s release online, fans of MMA were quick to criticize the 28-year-old.

Paddy Pimblett UFC Lightweight 2023
Paddy ‘The Baddy’ Pimblett

Paddy Pimblett: The king of controversy

In January, Pimblett shared a video of himself sparring with an individual who had criticized him online. The UFC star had received several negative comments on his social media posts from the person. This made him offer a reward of £500 ($900) if the individual could last an unlimited number of rounds with him in the gym.

Surprisingly, the person accepted the challenge and stepped into the octagon. His opponent, Paddy has won his last six UFC fights and previously tapped out 10 US Marines. However, he showed more restraint during the sparring session with the online critic, using light punches and kicks throughout the three rounds.

Eventually, Pimblett landed a kick to the individual’s head, causing him to call an end to the session.

After the sparring session, Pimblett gave credit to the individual who had previously criticized him online.

‘I’ve been asking other MMA fighters to come and spar me and they’re all scared, and you’ve never walked in an MMA gym in your life, and you got down,’ he said.

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