Deontay Wilder slams refs over Jake Paul vs Tommy bout decision claiming “Jake got that one”

Deontay Wilder disagreed with the judge’s decision for the Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury match that occurred on Sunday night. Despite Paul managing to knock Fury down in the eighth round, Tommy was declared the winner by a split decision. After the eight-round fight, which was messy with both men receiving penalties from the referee.

Jake received a penalty in the fifth round for hitting Fury on the back of his head, while Fury was penalized a round later for holding. Nevertheless, Wilder, a former WBC heavyweight champion, believed that Paul’s point deduction was too severe and that Paul should have been declared the winner.


Even if Paul had not received a point deduction, he still would have lost the match. Two of the three judges scored the fight 76-73 in favor of Fury. In addition, the punch stats show that Tommy deservedly won the fight, as he landed more punches than Paul in every round.

“I think Jake got that one,” Wilder said in an interview.

“I think the referee, that was an immature point deduction,” he thinks they only gave it to Fury because of the point taken.

“The referee’s supposed to give three warnings, he gave no warnings. Get out of here.”

Deontay Wilder reunites with Tyson Fury

On the same night, Wilder had a reunion with his fierce opponent, Tyson Fury, whom he fought three times before. Drawing once and losing twice by knockout. Despite their animosity towards each other due to Deontay’s belief that Fury cheated in their second fight, they had a surprisingly amicable encounter.


On his way to the arena, Fury surprised Wilder by shouting his catchphrase “Bomb squad.” The Bronze Bomber turned to Tyson and they hugged each other, with Wilder saying “Bless, bless.” Fury found the interaction amusing and joked about it afterward.

He said, “I felt absolutely amazing, I almost got a little stiffy there. Unbelievable.”

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