“People don’t want to fight me”: Rising UFC star Muhammad Mokaev pissed at ranked fighters for ducking him

Muhammad Mokaev, an emerging star in the UFC, expressed his disappointment at not being given the chance to compete against the top flyweight competitors.

Considering his age, Mokaev still seems to be in the initial phase of his career. The youthful fighter, however, took part in four battles in a year and won each one. However, as is the case with any new dangerous fighter, he finds it challenging to book a fight against a top opponent. 

Muhammad Mokaev struggles to find an opponent!

The undefeated mixed martial arts fighter recently appeared in an interview in the ‘Believe You Me’ podcast. The Dagestani-English fighter discussed many aspects of his MMA career including how he is being neglected by the top fighters of the 125-lb division. 

“When I wasn’t ranked, I beat Cody Durden in under 50 seconds. After that, I beat LFA champion Charles Johnson, Malcolm Gordon, Jafel Filho, who came out of Contender Series. These guys are older than me by 10 years.” Mokaev said. 

Additionally, a purple belt holder in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Mokaev is of Dagestani ancestry. To become the youngest flyweight UFC champion in history, the 22-year-old MMA fighter has lofty goals. But in order to do that, he needs to test himself against the head honchos in his weight class. 

“Now I’m ranked No. 12. And people don’t want to fight me, ranked guys. Now ranked guys are saying, ‘Go have one more fight,’ and then if I beat somebody else, they’re gonna say, ‘You’re still fighting unranked guys.” Mokaev added.

How has Mokaev’s journey been so far?

The Punisher is essentially on the way to getting some big fights against the division’s top fighters with an unbeaten record after ten MMA bouts. Currently ranked as the 12th fighter in the UFC flyweight division, it appears that he will probably need one more victory to lock down a rank among the top ten.

The young prospect has won three of his four UFC fights through submission, executing guillotine chokes, armbars, and side cranks. That illustrates that despite not having a knockout victory, he still punishes his opponent sufficiently to “allow him to earn the moniker “The Punisher.”

In your opinion, who should Muhammad Mokaev fight next, to further strengthen his status in the flyweight division? Comment below and let us know what you think.

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