“Phenomenal teammate”: Celtics Grant Williams shares candid thoughts on Marcus Smart trade to Grizzlies

Many fans and players are conflicted over the recent deal that moved Marcus Smart from the Boston Celtics to the Memphis Grizzlies. Among those affected is Celtics forward Grant Williams, who played alongside Smart for several seasons. Grant discussed the deal candidly, calling Smart a “phenomenal teammate.” He was both appreciative for the time they spent together on the court and saddened by Smart’s departure.

Williams’ remarks shed light on Smart’s impact on team chemistry and the vacuum his absence would leave. This article digs into Williams’ point of view and considers the impact of Smart’s trade on the Celtics’ future.

Grant Williams on Marcus Smart’s trade

Williams recently spoke with media about his feelings over the Marcus Smart deal in an open forum. Grant expressed with grief, adding that it had been difficult to part ways with someone he had known for such a long time and held in the highest regard as a wonderful guy and colleague. Smart’s relentless dedication and enthusiasm were seen around the league, not just within the Celtics organization.

Williams supported the team’s choice, acknowledging its future goals, and acknowledged the move as an unavoidable aspect of the business. He emphasized the value of believing in Brad, the Celtics’ leadership, and not harboring anger since he was adamant that Smart would succeed no matter where he ended up.

William took comfort in the knowledge that the Celtics had acquired Kristaps Porzingis and two first-round selections in the multi-team transaction, which saw them sell Marcus Smart to a successful club. Knowing that Smart would be joining a talented team that highly appreciated his defensive skills, scoring prowess, and leadership characteristics, he expressed delight.

Williams emphasized that the entire squad must work together to improve their performance, even if Derrick White seemed set to replace Smart as the starting point guard. Losing a player of Smart’s stature, who personified what a real Celtic should be, would definitely leave a vacuum in the group and its storied past. Therefore, Williams expressed condolences and hopes for Smart’s ongoing success while acknowledging the pain this departure has caused.

How will Marcus Smart fit into the Grizzlies system?

Marcus Smart, a key member of the Boston Celtics club, was traded in a risky move by the franchise. The Celtics’ identity was greatly influenced by Smart’s play on the court, notably because of his defensive skill. In addition, he continually drove the squad ahead with his vigour and passion, making them regular competitors. In the locker room, Smart’s leadership was vital in helping his teammates overcome several obstacles.

Even though Smart had been the focus of trade speculation in prior offseason, it felt like the Celtics would keep him. He was let go, though, after the squad abruptly altered strategy in an effort to improve their offence. By adding Smart, the Memphis Grizzlies get a much-needed experienced locker room leader. Furthermore, his defensive prowess and leadership qualities will be useful in games against seasoned rivals.

Smart brings a wealth of experience to the table with five conference final appearances, including a trip to the NBA Finals. Smart brings a wealth of experience to the table with five conference final appearances, including a trip to the NBA Finals. Notably, he has won three first-team All-Defensive honours and has been recognised as the past Defensive Player of the Year.


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