“Philly gonna burn town tonight” UFC fighters react to Chiefs’ victory vs Eagles at Super Bowl LVII

The Kansas City Chiefs are the champions of this year’s Super Bowl after claiming victory over the Philadelphia Eagles. The mixed martial art fighters of UFC are no different than the NFL fans all around the world who immediately voiced their emotions at the end of the game.

The Super Bowl was full of suspense since there were a lot of close calls and both teams performed exceptionally well till the very end. Even going into halftime, the Eagles held a 24-14 lead over the Chiefs; however, from that point on, the Chiefs turned the game around thanks to quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who made a valiant effort despite being injured; as a result, the Chiefs made an unbelievable comeback and triumphed over the Eagles (Chiefs 38, Eagles 35).

How the UFC fighters reacted to the Chiefs’ victory vs the Eagles?

Fighters and fans of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) also rushed to social media to share their reactions to the Super Bowl result. Some tweets from UFC fighters are included below.

” Mahomes will prob win 5-6 more Superbowls if we’re being honest ! They’ve been winning with little investments on offense & defense . What happens when they spend a little” – Derek Brunson

”Gotta take Philly tonight. KC and the bills have a bit of a rivalry, and you can’t root for your enemies that’s sports 101. Also, have some homies in Philly.” – Billy Quarantillo

”To me, that’s a completed pass and then a forced fumble by great defensive timing but hey what the fuck do I know. Refs change the game yet again.” -Brian BOOM Kelleher

”RiRi was great, but when tf are we going to get a Metallica halftime show?” -Michael Chiesa

”The chiefs and the refs played a perfect game to beat the eagles lol.” -Billy Quarantillo

”Was it really holding..? Who knows, but doesn’t matter now. Chiefs are super bowl champs.” – 



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