Real Madrid star Federico Valverde unfazed by Alex Baena incident, denies taunts about unborn child

Real Madrid midfielder Federico Valverde apparently has no regrets about punching Alex Baena after their home defeat against Villareal.

Valverde allegedly punched the Spanish midfielder in the bus park after the completion of Real Madrid’s 2-3 defeat against Villareal on April 9. It would appear that members of Valverde’s entourage have asserted that the 24-year-old had “a very serious motive” for attacking Baena because Baena was “messing with his family.”

Valvere’s wife, Mina Bonino, nearly lost the baby this year but ultimately had a healthy boy. Valverde was furious with Baena after the latter made a crying gesture toward him during Real’s 3-2 victory against Villareal in the Copa Del Rey.

“In the Copa del Rey match, Baena kicked Fede and told him: ‘cry now that your son is not going to be born.’ That stayed there, but today he said another similar thing to him, and Fede got heated. So he waited for him in the parking lot and told him that he was ‘not messing with his family,” said the entourage.

Baena didn’t consent to the claims made by Federico Valverde

After what was reported to be an assault in the Santiago Bernabeu car park following Real Madrid’s victory, Baena has since filed a complaint with the local authorities. 

Baena has refuted the claims, stating that there was nothing known about any complications for Valverde’s child until after the game had concluded.

The Athletic reports that Valverde does not feel remorse for his actions and is resolved to maintain his claim that Baena had previously insulted his pregnant wife if the matter ends up being brought before a judge.

Federico Valverde has not yet been held accountable for his actions, despite the fact that he has been charged with assaulting Baena physically. Although it has been suggested that Valverde could get suspended for anywhere from two to twelve games, Real Madrid has not taken any disciplinary action against the Uruguayan player as of yet.

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