Recalling when Daniel Cormier barely survived kidney failure

Legendary UFC Champ Daniel Cormier once almost lost his life due to kidney failure, this happened before he joined the UFC and was an Olympic level wrestling wrestling out of his home state Louisiana.

Daniel Cormier had a storied and eventful career. From his status as double champ and later as fan favourite UFC commentator, Cormier has done it all. But one simple accident could have ended both his life and career back in the year 2008.

During the Beijing Olympics, DC was representing United States and was supposed to face another wrestler hailing from Cuba. But the accident happened when Cormier cut off too much liquid in order to lose weight and make the fight official.

But since he deprive his body of fluids his Kidneys shut off completely and were not rendering out any sort of toxins from his blood. He was quickly rushed to the hospital in order to save his life. But no amount of fluid was helping him at that moment.

Eventually DC managed to recover from his horrific ordeal but he lost his wrestling match as a means of disqualifications because he did not show up to the fight.

DC admitted that this was one of the scariest experiences he ever had. There has been a lot of issues regarding Daniel Cormier’s weight cutting. Once he was accused of holding down at a towel in order to make wait for his fight inside the UFC. DC’s issues with weight carrying continued up until his last fight in which he retired against Stipe Miocic.


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