JJ Redick reminds LeBron James of swiping at thin air during their 2012 matchup

LeBron James recently launched his newest podcast, which the NBA community has given more attention to and has embraced. The “Mind the Game” podcast is a treasure of basketball memories and experiences, where LeBron and his co-host dive deep into their journeys on and off the court.

In a recent episode, the dynamic duo recalled about their on-court showdowns. One standout moment was when JJ Redick skillfully dribbled past LeBron in 2012, during LeBron’s tenure with the Miami Heat. Amid speculations regarding LeBron’s future, this was a welcome surprise from his illustrious past.

JJ Redick shows LeBron James forgotten footage of their matchup

During the latest episode of the aforementioned podcast, JJ Redick stirred LeBron’s memory with a special footage. Handing him the phone, Redick reminded Bron of their meeting on the court in 2012. In response LeBron said, “What happened here is, I didn’t know your ass could stop and go like this, what the f**k. I had no idea you had that in your arsenal; you completely turned me around.”

During a basketball game, JJ Redick made a clever move that surprised LeBron James. This moment sparked some excitement as Redick managed to evade James temporarily. However, the fun was short-lived as Redick’s shot missed, and he couldn’t score.

JJ Redick commented on the missed opportunity: “If I had made that shot, I would have that highlight pinned at the top of every social media account. God, it would not be a highlight if I had taken that shot. It shouldn’t be on YouTube.”

This story adds a personal touch to their podcast, bringing alive the intense competition and friendship among NBA players. The duo have become a hit on YouTube as shown by their first success on the platform.

LeBron James and JJ Redick’s podcast earns YouTube milestone reward

LeBron James excels in yet another thing, showcasing his podcast and YouTube show “Mind the Game” alongside J.J. Redick. This dynamic duo’s content is gaining popularity and attracting a substantial number of subscribers.

Recently, LeBron James took to social media to celebrate a significant milestone achieved by his new podcast. The show received a silver plaque from YouTube, marking its impressive milestone of surpassing 100,000 subscribers.

LeBron James and JJ Redick's podcast earns YouTube milestone reward
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Even more remarkable is that this achievement was reached in less than a month despite releasing only four episodes. The immense support from basketball enthusiasts and LeBron James fans has been remarkable, moving the show towards success.

James enthusiastically shared the podcast’s post showcasing the silver plaque, expressing his excitement with his trademark emojis. This accomplishment highlights the growing influence and appeal of “Mind the Game,” making the position a must-watch for sports enthusiasts and fans of LeBron James alike.

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