Rockets reportedly releasing G Kevin Porter Jr after details of his alleged NYC assault on his girlfriend emerged

Houston Rockets guard Kevin Porter Jr. made headlines for the wrong reasons during the 2023 offseason. This offseason has been nothing short of remarkable. Kevin’s involvement in the alleged NYC assault that led to his arrest by the police on Monday might not be a surprise to the NBA community.

However, there are several testimonies and details surrounding the case that have emerged, including the anticipated actions by the Houston Rockets, which have caught the attention of everyone in the NBA.

Rockets reportedly waiving G Kevin Porter Jr

Rockets guard Kevin Porter Jr. appeared in a New York City court, facing charges of felony assault and strangulation. These charges stemmed from an incident in which he allegedly attacked his girlfriend, causing her to sustain injuries such as a deep facial cut and a fractured neck vertebra, according to prosecutors.

During his court appearance on Tuesday, Porter did not enter a plea and was released from police custody after posting a $75,000 bond. He was instructed to maintain a distance from his girlfriend, Kysre Gondrezick, a former WNBA player and free agent.

Assistant Manhattan District Attorney Mirah Curzer, in a statement, expressed, “This is a serious domestic violence case. The woman was hospitalized after the assault.” The Rockets also issued a statement Monday afternoon, saying, “We are in the process of gathering information surrounding the matter involving Kevin Porter Jr.”

Following the allegations of the NYC assault case against Porter, the Rockets released a statement posted in a tweet by Adrian Wojnarowski, a Senior ESPN Insider, saying, “the Houston Rockets are waiving guard Kevin Porter Jr.”

Prosecutors reveal horrifying new details on Kevin Porter Jr.’s alleged assault on his girlfriend

The prosecutors have now revealed horrifying new details about Kevin Porter Jr.’s alleged assault on his girlfriend. A tweet by The Dunk Central stated, “Prosecutors say Kevin Porter Jr. didn’t stop assaulting Kysre Gondrezick until she ran out into the hallway covered in blood.

Assistant Manhattan District Attorney Mirah Curzer also mentioned that Porter has a history of abusing Gondrezick, including an incident in which he rammed his car into hers. 

Another tweet from the same source also said, “Kevin Porter Jr. allegedly punched Kysre Gondrezick repeatedly in the face with a closed fist, cutting her above the right eye and causing bruising and substantial pain. Porter also forcefully squeezed her neck, leading to difficulty breathing, redness, and bruising according to a criminal complaint.”

With all the evidence presented against Porter, do you think he will be facing severe punishment in the coming weeks? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 


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