Russell Westbrook engages in heated verbal altercation with Internet personality Gary Vee during Lakers vs Knicks game at MSG

The NBA is intensifying as the tournament reaches the halfway mark. LeBron James’ Lakers this season have not been at their best and only managed to win 24 out of their 52 encounters, with their twenty-fourth victory coming against the Knick on Tuesday. The two teams went neck and neck as the game went down to the wire.

However, the Lakers managed to hold on to their nerves and won the game 123-129. Even though the team held on their nerves quite well, Russell Westbrook, the point guard, did something that shocked the fans.

What did Russell Westbrook do?

In the second quarter of the match, Russell Westbrook was standing near the courtside when a fan suddenly said something that did not please him. It turned out the person was a friend of internet sensation and entrepreneur Gary Vee. The two exchanged words, and with the expression on Westbrook’s face, fans thought them to engage in a verbal fight, as it is quite a typical scene nowadays.

However, proving the fans wrong, Vee came out with a statement where he clarified that there was a misunderstanding and he nor his friend did not want to offend Russell; instead, they just wanted to pass a compliment to the point guard. In his defense, Gray said, “Nema gave Russ a wonderful compliment for that backdoor play. Russ just was asking for clarification. It’s all love out there.”

Unlike most other players, Westbrook did not go on to fight with the spectators and just wanted a simple clarification. However, his expression after the conversation indicates that he did not get the right message or might have misunderstood what Vee was trying to tell him. The NBA should establish clear boundaries between players and spectators to avoid clashes.

What is your take on the matter? Should certain boundaries be established? Or should things proceed the way they are? You can share your thoughts in the comments.


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