Tommy Fury shares mind-boggling theory on Jake Paul’s MMA signing with PFL ahead of their clash on Feb 26

Tommy Fury vs Logan Paul is one of the strangest matchups in recent memory of the Combat Sports World. Tommy will be aiming to attract a huge fanbase by winning while Jake will try to hopefully get some credibility as a boxer. As far as pre-fight trash-talking goes, Tommy is definitely not holding back and has proposed a wild theory involving his opponent.

According to the upcoming boxer, the timing of Jake Paul’s actions is odd but gives us a peak into what might be coming. Jake signed with the PFL while also buying a stake in the company just before his latest boxing bout was announced. According to the Brit, such a move signals Paul’s upcoming defeat after which he will swiftly move to MMA.

TNT says, “It just shows who is the professional here, isn’t it? He’s doing all these signings, deals, MMA, and all sorts of stuff and I’m in the gym grinding. You know, I’m not focusing on anything else other than beating Jake Paul… He’s focused on flying halfway around the world, doing whatever… I’m in the gym every day preparing to KO this man and that’s the difference.”

Then he dropped the bombshell, “And I do believe he signed his MMA contract and he has teamed up (with) the MMA stuff because he knows what’s gonna happen to him on the 26th,”

What are the stakes in the Fury vs Paul match?

A huge chunk of the boxing world will probably tune in to see this freakshow of a match even if it doesn’t make much sense. This bout was already booked twice but Tommy had to pull out both times firstly for injury reasons and secondly owing to travel-related problems. If Jake Paul loses this fight then he might lose a lot of credibility.

On the other hand, it’s a do-or-die fight for ‘TNT’ as his reputation will probably be tarnished if he doesn’t manage to beat the Youtuber. His father John Fury has already talked of him retiring if he loses and his brother Tyson Fury has suggested he stay in Saudi Arabia if he doesn’t get the job done.

Tommy Fury vs Jake Paul is scheduled for February 26 in Riyadh.


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