“Whoever loses is pretty much f***ed” Tyson Fury talks on brother Tommy Fury fight vs Jake Paul in his first in-person meeting with Youtuber-turned-boxer

The official faceoff before the final fight took place today in London between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury. Despite the fact that no serious altercation occurred, the duo had a heated argument. Tyson Fury was present to witness the entire event.

However, later, the gypsy king and the problem child eventually met and shared some thoughts.

Before the main event hit the ring in Saudi Arabia the next month, both of the fighters took their time to face off against each other one last time. A lot of heated moments were there between the two young fighters. Both were arguing and trash-talking each other.

Meanwhile, the undisputed heavyweight boxing champion was laughing in the background. However, the gypsy king later took the opportunity to meet with social media and share his thoughts with him. 

After the whole argument in the ring, Jake went on to do an interview backstage. Afterward, suddenly, Tyson crashed the interview while Jake held the microphone for him. He praised the undefeated career of the young Paul brothers, but according to him, his brother is still the favorite for the match. In the crushed interview, he stated,

“The two guys are putting it on. They’re both undefeated and whoever loses is pretty much f***ed. They’ve had a lot to say. It’s like me – if you speak a lot of s***, you’ve got to back it up. That’s it. I’ve been doing this for years, 30-odd times in a row. Now it’s time for the big boys to do it, let’s get it on. I’m excited.”

This is roughly the third time Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury has been announced. Both previous fights were subsequently canceled. Both times, the 23-year-old was the one who backed out. Tommy withdrew from the fight in 2021 due to a bacterial chest infection and a broken rib. Then in 2022, again but this time he was denied entry to the U.S. due to his family’s ties with Irish crime boss Daniel Kinahan. Regardless, the third Paul vs. Fury bout will be contested over eight rounds at 185 pounds and will air on ESPN+ and BT Sport.

Both of the competitors have unbeaten records, so it will be intriguing to watch who breaks their winning streak first. Despite the fact that the 23-year-old is under far more strain than anyone else in his corner right now. His father, John Fury, has stated that if he loses the bout to the social media personality, he will have to quit boxing.



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