Shaquille O’Neal reminds fans of his $480,000 loss over Lamborghini Gallardo

Shaquille O’Neal’s passion for automobiles is no secret. He had spent a fortune to acquire cars in the past. Despite having several cars in his collections, Shaq still keeps adding luxury cars to his garage.

The NBA Legend who is now a TV personality recently shared his story about how he lost $480,000 on Lamborghini Gallardo which was custom made to accommodate his his huge figure.

Shaquille O’Neal Reminds Fans of His $600k Lamborghini

Shaquille O’Neal who is 7 feet 1 inch, recently remembered about his extravagant $600,000 Lamborghini. In his book, ‘Shaq Uncut’ O’Neal said that the car reminded him of the rides driven by some of the richest people gangsters in his old area.

He said, “That’s being a Shaq-a-matician, except for one small little detail. The Lamborghini cost me $600,000 originally. So, I lost a lot of money on it. The reason it cost so much was I bought a brand-new Lamborghini and then I bought an old, beat-up Lamborghini. And in order for me to fit into it, they had to chop them both in half and then superglue it together.”

Shaquille O'Neal

“It was a beautiful car, hardtop, platinum silver. I have to say, when I was driving that car around, it made me think about those rich drug dealers from my neighborhood in Newark.”

“I can still remember one guy cruising around in his muddy-green Benz and the other one, tooling around in his suped-up Volvo. I wanted so badly to be driving around in a cool car, so I closed my eyes, whipped up some happy thoughts, and put myself into some of the finest automobiles in the world.”, Shaq concluded.

However, O’Neal spent $600,000 on a custom-made Lamborghini but later sold it for only $120,000. The sale at $120,000 resulted in him losing $480.000 on the vehicle. Shaq obviously loves cars and his 30 cars, if not more than that, have been customized to fit his body size is evident.

O’Neal’s Stupendous Vehicle Collection

Shaquille O’Neal’s love of cars extends beyond his ill-fated Lamborghini. The basketball legend has a collection of over 30 vehicles that blends astonishing brands. With Shaq’s net worth over $400 million which he made throughout his NBA career and his several businesses, he could buy any type of car he wanted without minding how much the car cost.  

Shaq has some of the most beautiful and expensive cars one could think of, ranging from a Custom Jeep Wrangler to a Dodge Charger. The Lamborghini Gallardo is also among the finest cars Shaq has. O’Neal has had to spend extra money to transform or customize these cars to fit his 7-foot-1-inch figure without having to squeeze himself into the car.

Shaquille O'Neal

O’Neal’s long-lasting success in the sports and entertainment industry ensures that he can continue to buy and enjoy his dream cars, making his collection a spectacle that makes auto lovers and fans alike envious.

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