Skip Bayless shocking revelation on why he thinks LeBron James Is ‘Weak’

People and fans have the right to share their opinions about players. But, when a critic shares his opinion, it becomes controversial. Skip Bayless shared his words on LeBron James.

It is well fact that Skip Bayless has made a name for himself by constantly criticizing NBA megastar LeBron James.

After Tuesday night’s defeat to the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Fox Sports commentator strengthened his or her image as a Laker’s basher.

He criticized LeBron and his fellow NBA superstar Anthony Davis as “weak” for skipping games due to injury.

Skip shared his words on Twitter, “Hey, AD and LeBron: Would you believe Michael Jordan played all 82 games NINE TIMES? He also played 81 one season and 80 another. Doesn’t that make you guys feel just a little bit ashamed … maybe even a little weak?”

Injury has forced LeBron to sit out seven games this season. Despite injuring his ankle against the Washington Wizards on Sunday, he returned to action last evening.

Davis also got the nod to start tonight’s game, but he exited early due to a flu-like illness. So far this year, he’s skipped just three complete games.

The Lakers next game was scheduled for Wednesday night, and it was against the Toronto Raptors.

Skip Bayless’s words just hit social media and many people are criticizing his thoughts also. It’s time for LeBron James to prove everyone wrong with his iconic return. 


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