Social media star Khaby Lame assists pitch invader acquiring Brazilian soccer legend Ronaldinho signed jersey

Social media star Khaby Lame has helped a pitch invader get a signed jersey from Ronaldinho, earning him much praise.

The famous Tiktok celebrity who has a record 160 million followers on the platform is now entrenched in the world of football. He has been spotted multiple times with the likes of Lionel Messi, Alessandro Del Piero, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and many other football royalty members.

Recently, Lame participated in ‘The Beautiful Game’ charity match held in Orlando. Of the two participating teams, the yellow squad was captained by Brazilian and Barcelona legend Ronaldinho, with whom Khaby Lame himself played as well. The blue squad was captained by another Brazilian icon, Roberto Carlos. Both teams were filled with other former and current footballers, as well as many other celebrities. Vinicius Jr. and Paulo Dybala were among some of the current stars featuring in the game.

Classy Khaby Lame gives pitch invader signed jersey from Ronaldinho

As the game was full of so many star names, a pitch invasion was imminent. Fans regularly attempted to intrude on the pitch to meet their favorite star and possibly get a piece of memorabilia. 

In the video shared by DAZN Italia, A shirtless fan stepped onto the pitch in an attempt to get to Ronaldinho. He wanted the 43 year old Brazilian legend to sign his shirt, but his approach was halted by security. As he was being carried off the pitch, he threw the shirt in Ronaldinho’s direction. Initially, it seemed like the invader failed to complete his objective.

It was then that Khaby Lame stepped in. He took the shirt to Ronaldinho and personally asked him to sign the shirt. As Ronaldinho kept the request, Khaby then ran with a full sprint to hand over the shirt to the pitch invader, who was almost out of the pitch.

The fan immediately gave an ecstatic reaction to getting the shirt and celebrated passionately having seen Ronaldinho’s autograph on his shirt. Fans in the stands could be seen clapping and cheering the famous Tiktoker’s classy action.

Lame’s act of generosity receives universal appraisal

The generous act by Khaby Lame earned him widespread appraisal from many fans around the world. Many took to social media to appreciate the selfless act of the beloved Tiktoker.

One Twitter user wrote, “Khaby Lame is the real MVP! Helping a pitch invader get his shirt signed by Ronaldinho is just another reason why he is loved by so many.”

Another wrote, “It’s easy to understand why he is so loved.”

It’s not hard to see why the Tiktoker is so beloved by his fans. Its actions like this that separates the few from the rest.

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