Stephen A Smith questions Anthony Davis’ commitment to maintaining peak physical condition throughout NBA seasons

Sports commentator Stephen A. Smith recently shared his thoughts on Los Angeles Lakers star Anthony Davis, suggesting that Davis may not be maintaining his readiness for NBA seasons. Smith drew comparisons to former player Lamar Odom and questioned if Davis had similar habits of indulging in snacks like Skittles and Twizzlers, raising concerns about his physical condition.

“It’s always the case. And so I don’t know if he’s got the Lamar Odom syndrome where he’s eating Skittles and Twizzlers and all of that stuff driving the late, great Kobe Bryant. That’s crazy. God rest his soul or something else that he’s doing. But he is not in peak condition. That is a fact. And that is the issue with Anthony Davis. I don’t care what JJ or anybody else says. Watch him,” Smith stated.

Stephen Smith lashes out at Anthony Davis reigniting their beef

Smith’s comments have sparked conversations regarding Davis’ health and dedication among sports fans and aficionados. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that appraisals of an athlete’s level of fitness can be subjective, and accurate assessments of Davis’ performance and physical condition should be based on his contributions on the court.

This time Stephen Smith commented on Anthony Davis’ physical ability and questioned whether he indulged in eating sugary snacks like Skittles. Earlier also Smith has made fun of Davis when he got hit on his head and fell to the floor. He mocked him saying that it was not a big injury and that Davis might have been flopping

Stephen A Smith, who is renowned for his fervent and oftentimes divisive criticism, has previously voiced worries about Davis’ health and toughness. Davis has been questioned about his ability to consistently stay on the floor and guide the Lakers to victory given his history of ailments. In the end, how Davis performs and impacts NBA games will be used to assess his preparedness and physical condition.

Should Lakers consider trading Anthony Davis?

Anthony Davis signed a five-year, $189.9 million contract with the LA Lakers in December 2020, which was slated to expire at the end of the 2024–2025 NBA season. According to his deal, Davis will make $40.6 million in the following season. However, Davis has the right to exercise the early termination option (ETO) included in his contract in order to end it before the 2024–25 season. Davis’ deal is made more intriguing by this ambiguity, which prompts fans and pundits to make predictions about his future in Los Angeles.

Lakers rule out Anthony Davis with low back tightness – WKRG News 5

Alongside LeBron James, Davis has been a key component of the Lakers’ success since joining the club in 2019. Together, they helped the team win the NBA championship in the 2019–20 season. Anthony Davis has averaged 26.8 pts, 2.8 blk and 14.0 rebs in the 2023 playoffs. He surely is an asset to the Lakers and they will definitely look to resign him. The trajectory of Davis’ stay with the Lakers has remained a compelling NBA topic due to the duration of his deal and the possibility of an ETO.

Let us know your thoughts regarding the concerns raised by Stephen A. Smith about Anthony Davis’ physical condition and the potential implications for his future with the Los Angeles Lakers.


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