“Steph’s gonna be Steph” Bucks star Jrue Holiday admits being blown away by Steph Curry after defeat vs Warriors

The Milwaukee Bucks conceded their second defeat in the last five games to the Golden State Warriors, thanks to a marvellous Stephen Curry show on Saturday night at Chase Center.

The host won the game in a thrilling overtime drama by a score of 125–116, and the star point guard pulled off another superb performance that night. He scored 36 points with six rebounds and four assists, which sealed the fate of the Bucks.

With this influential individual performance, the Bucks’ point guard, Jrue Holiday, became overly impressed and didn’t hesitate to appreciate Curry’s phenomenon.

What did Jrue Holiday say about Stephen Curry?

The game produced a buzzer-beater ending in the fourth quarter when both teams scored 111 points, pushing the game into overtime. However, the Bucks had to bite the dust after the host managed to keep a nine-point difference in overtime.

In the postgame press conference, the Bucks’ 32-year-old star guard shared his experience of facing the four-time NBA champion. “I mean, it felt good. Steph’s going to be Steph, so he’s going to hit shots. He’s going to make big plays,” Jrue said. “But I think, at the end of the day, at the end of regulation, we still had a chance to win.”

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“I mean, essentially, we had the game, but I was being stupid. So, against, Steph’s going to be Steph,” the two-time all star continued. “And I feel like the game plan worked. “We just have to execute a little bit better.”

In the dying moments of regulation time, Curry scored a three-point field goal and denied the visitors the victory. Holiday did his best against his counterpart, but eventually, the reigning MVP outclassed the Bucks and snatched the win.

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