Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury: Youtuber turned boxer reveals why losing grudge bout was “gift from the universe”

Jake Paul can’t stop talking about his loss against Tommy Fury. The former love island star edged over Jake Paul in a split decision, which brought an end to Jake’s undefeated streak. Even though Jake was and still is bothered by his loss he has admitted that this turned out to be a “gift from the universe.”

Why Jake Paul thinks Tommy Fury “didn’t win”

“The problem child” knocked Tommy Fury down in the last round, but could not capitalize on that. Incidents like this have brought him to the conclusion that Tommy “didn’t win.”

“Tommy didn’t win the fight, I lost it. I was not good, I was not on my A-game. I didn’t implement the game plan, my legs were weak going into the fight. I think I cut the weight improperly in such a seven-week camp as normally we do a 12-week camp. We squeezed in this camp, but I don’t want to sit here and make excuses,” explained Jake Paul.

Why does Jake Paul think that the grudge bout against Tommy Fury has changed him?

However, after a deeper thought from a different spectacle, Jake claims to have realized that relinquishing the win streak is not the end of the world for him. The younger Paul brother now feels that there is more to life than just fixating over a mere streak. Jake, for a very long time, was under the illusion that his name was associated with the undefeated streak.

The loss came as a reality check for Jake. He thinks of this loss to be a win in disguise. The YouTuber-turned-boxer thinks that this loss was a “gift from the universe in terms of life and personal growth as a human being.”

Paul surely has contemplated his loss a lot. Even though he still is not at peace with the loss, he has emerged as a wiser person – as he claims. He will look to use his newfound knowledge and perspective in the rematch as these two might lock horns again. ‘The Problem Child’ had a rematch clause in the contract and he will look to activate it soon.

The two are speculated to fight it out once again sometime around July this year.


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