“Stop being a b***h”: Matt Frevola takes harsh jibe at Paddy Pimblett after stunning KO victory vs Drew Dober at UFC 288

Matt Frevola extended his UFC winning run with a dominant victory over Drew Dober tonight. Matt, however, has not forgotten about calling out his next potential octagon opponent, Paddy Pimblett. 

Frevola faced 34-year-old Drew Dober in a thrilling lightweight battle at UFC 288 at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. Matt knocked Drew out in the fourth minute of the first round and won the fight pretty decisively. 

Who did Matt Frevola call out for his upcoming bout during the post-fight octagon interview?

Drew was a force to be reckoned with after winning three straight fights against Terrance McKinney, Rafael Alves, and Bobby Green, but ‘Steamrolla’ was mostly in control during the whole fight. 

Paddy The Baddy, an ‘undefeated’ Ultimate Fighting Championship athlete, and Frevola seem to share some animosity. So, right after the bout, The ‘Steamrolla’ called out the British in the octagon interview. 

“I am here. On my best day, I can beat anybody in the world. I truly believe that. Listen up. Paddy Pimblett, you absolutely s*ck. Stop being a b*tch and let’s fight.” said Matt. 

Over the course of his four-fight winning streak, The Baddy defeated Jared Gordon, Jordan Leavitt, Kazula Vargas, and Luigi Vendramini. The British fighter hasn’t stepped into the octagon since UFC 282, though. Thus, a fight with The Steamrolla makes sense because it will pit two fighters who are on winning streaks at the moment. 

“You are on a four-fight win streak. And I am on a three-fight win streak. In the UFC, you can not pick and choose your fights. You got to fight who the fans want to see you fight.” Matt added.


Who do you believe has a better chance of winning an octagon battle, Paddy Pimblett or Matt Frevola? In the comment section, please share your thoughts and opinions with us.

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