“Stop worshipping p*ssy”: Israel Adesanya’s simping over actress Vanessa Hudgens’ bikini snap makes UFC fans ecstatic

Israel Adesanya has found himself entangled in a Twitter scandal that has shifted the focus from his professional accomplishments to his personal life.

Over the past few months, the private affairs of the Nigerian-Kiwi fighter have taken precedence, leaving fans bewildered by the recent controversies surrounding his romantic entanglements. Surprisingly, it appears that the UFC champion has developed an admiration for High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens.

Israel Adesanya’s reaction to Vanessa Hudgens’ bikini photo

Not long ago, Adesanya’s legal issues with his former girlfriend, Charlotte Powdrell, grabbed headlines. Powdrell claimed that their relationship had endured a significant period and that she played a role in his achievements. Thus seeking a substantial portion of his wealth.

In response to these rumors, Israel countered with a viral message. Yet, as the dust settles on that episode, his attention has now seemingly shifted toward the enchanting Hollywood personality.

The transition from his legal troubles to his newfound interest in a Hollywood heartthrob has left fans puzzled and eager to comprehend the complexities of Adesanya’s personal life.

The controversy surrounding his love life continues to generate curiosity and speculation, as spectators eagerly await further developments in the ongoing saga.

Israel, aged 33, recently took to his Twitter account to respond to a captivating photo featuring the Hollywood superstar. He wrote, “We’re all in this together. 🙏🏾”

Fans reaction on Israel Adesanya drooling over Vanessa Hudgens

Following his highly publicized breakup with his ex-girlfriend, the Stylebender, Israel, found himself in a new romantic relationship with an Australian model.

Alongside his personal affairs, Adesanya has been diligently preparing for his upcoming title defense at UFC 293, adding to the already bustling professional aspects of his life. In a surprising turn of events, Israel was recently spotted training and spending time with META CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Known for his outspoken nature, Adesanya’s reaction to the aforementioned Hollywood superstar’s photo has left his fans perplexed. Leading them to share their varied responses on Twitter.

While some fans interpreted Israel’s response as him confidently predicting his future success, others cautioned him against losing focus on his goals.


Amidst the discussions surrounding Adesanya’s fascination with Hollywood celebrities. Questions arise about whether he has a partner who shares his fondness for the limelight.

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