Stunning reason why UFC legend Quinton Jackson was never invited to appear on Joe Rogan’s MMA show is revealed

UFC legend Quinton Jackson has never been on Joe Rogan’s podcast despite being a former MMA star. However, recently, Rampage revealed the reasons behind not being invited to the podcast. The shocking revelation caught massive attention on social media.

MMA legend Quinton Jackson has been questioned a few times about the reasons behind not being invited to Joe Rogan’s podcast. But earlier, on his YouTube channel, he addressed the reasons behind his absence. He talked about the days when he was still fighting at UFC.

They were all cool buddies before a certain incident, which changed their view of each other. It was about a former heavyweight fighter’s leg kicks, which were wrong at the time.

Furthermore, the UFC color commentator often used to criticize Jackson’s leg kick, saying how it was so bad and all. After a certain point, the 44-year-old couldn’t tolerate the fact, so he confronted Joe. Where they had an argument over it. And since then, they haven’t been on good terms.

However, the fans have noticed it, and they have asked a few questions about it here and there, which the former UFC light heavyweight champion has avoided at times. Recently, he explained all the truths on his No Jumper YouTube channel.

“We had one thing, Joe and I: we’ve always been cool, right? But then, after a couple of fights in the UFC, he noticed that I wasn’t checking leg kicks and that I wasn’t throwing a lot of leg kicks. He got real forceful about it and with social media I had a lot of MMA fans talk about man, you don’t know how to kick, you don’t know how to check leg kicks and I was like, man, it just got annoying,”

“So I stepped to Joe like Joe, man, why are you saying all this sh-t about me not knowing how to check leg kicks…we had like a few words and stuff, and I did say something kind of bad. I got tired of people constantly talking sh*t about me, so I told them to watch the UFC and turn the volume down.”

Rampage hasn’t been fully engaged in the cage fight in quite some time. He fought his last bout against Fedor Emelianenko, which was back in December of 2019 at Bellator.

Regardless, he himself is quite active on other platforms and podcasts, trying new things in his late career. Although he has been involved in talks for other combat sports opportunities, none have panned out at this time.



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