“The only person I can think of is ‘The Sugar Show’” Sean O’Malley claims himself to be the UFC necessity

In the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Sean O’Malley is one of the most well-known fighters at the time, and he has stated in recent interviews that he believes he has the potential to become the organization’s face in the near future.

The 28-year-old fighter began his mixed martial art career with the UFC in 2018 defeating Andre Soukhamthath. He fought in 9 fights over the course of four years with the promotion, winning 7.

The most recent of his victories came in UFC 280 when he defeated Petr Yan.

Recently, Sean mentioned on a podcast that he has the potential to become the future face of the promotion because he does not see many other people who are capable of doing anything similar. Sean considers Khamzat Chimaev a possibility, but only if he gains enough weight to fight at 185 pounds.

In addition, he rules out Paddy Pimblett because he has recently had surgery.

“UFC needs a superstar right now. They got Jon Jones, but he’s getting older and he’s not guaranteed to get to the fight. I think he will, just saying. Stuff happens. Even if he does fight, it’s like, when does he fight again?” Sean O’Malley said.

“Paddy [Pimblett] was like, ‘Could he be?!’ Then we see his last fight, now he’s getting surgery. He still has potential, he still could be a massive superstar. The only person I can think of is ‘The Sugar Show’ that has the potential to be that motherf—ker.” Sean O’Malley further added.

However, “Sugar” does not think of himself as the finest boxer in the bantamweight division, but if it comes down to who can attract the most viewers, Sean does not see anyone other than himself.

“At the weigh-ins, during fight week, and they’re like, ‘Oh, s—t. This fight’s happening.’ It’s me.” Sean concluded.


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