Suns’ Chris Paul and Celtics’ Blake Griffin gets mercilessly ridicule by critics following DeAndre Jordan’s NBA Championship win

The Denver Nuggets’ triumph in the 2023 NBA Championship holds special significance for several seasoned NBA veterans on their roster. Among them, Ish Smith and Jeff Green can finally savor the title of champions. However, it is DeAndre Jordan who truly relishes the moment.

Once part of the formidable big three alongside Chris Paul and Blake Griffin on the LA Clippers, Jordan endured the disappointment of falling short in their playoff runs.

Now, as the first of the trio to secure a championship, it raises questions and even jests about Chris Paul’s continued pursuit of a ring. This achievement underscores the resilience and determination displayed by these players throughout their journey to claim the ultimate basketball honor.

Chris Paul blasted after Jordan wins the NBA Championship

Fans’ reactions to the Denver Nuggets’ championship victory have been amusing, especially because DeAndre Jordan beat Chris Paul, a former colleague, to win the championship. The fact that the center, who had comprised the big three of the unsuccessful LA Clippers together with Blake Griffin and Paul, became the first of them to experience championship triumph delighted the crowd. Funny videos and comments ridiculing Paul for not having yet won a ring inundated social media.

Some fans even made the joke that Jordan would let Paul try on his championship ring the next season or made fun of Paul for “kissing the ring.” But it’s crucial to remember that his contribution to the championship run was modest, consisting mostly of being a seasoned presence in the locker room.

Paul still contributes significantly to his club despite his recent dip in effectiveness; this season, he has averaged 13.9 points, 4.3 rebounds, and 8.9 assists. There have been rumors that Paul could be released by the Phoenix Suns, but nothing official has been announced as of yet.


“Deandre Jordan won a ring before Chris Paul”

“PJ Tucker and DeAndre Jordan won a ring without Chris Paul. We know who the real issue is now.”

“who would’ve thought that DeAndre Jordan would be a champion before Chris Paul”

“Next time Chris Paul sees DeAndre Jordan:”

DeAndre Jordan and Chris Paul reportedly had a rocky relationship

Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan combine for yet another oop

The connection between Paul and Jordan had allegedly been strained as a result of the Los Angeles Clippers’ dismal postseason elimination and their squandered 3-1 series lead against the Houston Rockets in the Western Conference Semifinals in 2015. 

According to sources, the center had a problem with Paul’s zeal and desire throughout the season, which was made worse by Paul’s perception that he hadn’t worked hard enough to improve his free throw shooting.

The Centre was about to hit free agency, and while teammate Dahntay Jones says that there is no animosity between the two, the future is unknown. Considering Jordan’s defensive prowess, ability to rebound, and constant scoring growth, his departure would be a huge one for the Clippers. The center will receive a maximum deal, according to head coach Doc Rivers.


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