Suns SG Devin Booker Left the Arena against Pelicans with Hamstring Injury Due to off Balance Third Quarter Buzzer-Beater

In the last Sun vs Pelican playoffs, all eyes were on the left hamstring injury of Devin Booker. 

The American Shooting Guard of the Phoenix Suns, Devin Booker, 25 had to leave the court midgame due to his left hamstring injury on Tuesday night. Before walking to the locker room, Booker scored 31 for his team. He had to be absent from a few previous games for his hamstring injuries but that was on his other leg. 

In a Potential match win for the Suns, during the playoff between Suns and Pelicans, Booker faced a hamstring injury just six minutes before the halftime and the whole game went to the hands of the Pelicans; which they won with a score of 125-114. 

In the final quarter, Ingram clutched the opportunity of Booker gone and showcased a brilliant performance scoring 37 with additional 11 rebounds and 9 assists. Apart from him, Jose Alvarado and CJ McCollum did fantastic performances. Although the game was on Pelican’s side from the last half, the Suns kept a balanced performance even after Booker had gone.

Booker wanted to make a comeback at the last moment but he was sent to the bench by the team because the severity of his problem was not properly identified. 

Suns Coach Monty William did not have any updated news. he ensures the fans that they will make thorough testing and let the fans know about his situation. On Friday in New Orleans, before Game 3, he will be tested and will be given the needed treatments. 

Booker overcame Hamstring injuries twice last year and the season before that. 

Both of the teams will face each other for Game 3 for another faceoff on Saturday night.  


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