“Oh I Have Been Slapped by Chicks” Jorge Masvidal shares one of his off market Fight incidents

UFC superstar and welterweight contender, Jorge “Gamebred” Masvidal has revealed that he had been slapped by both women and men during his street fighting days! This revelation comes on Logan Paul’s popular podcast, Impaulsive.  The open-ended podcast hosted by Logan Paul & Company seemingly does not have any topic that is off bounds!  

While on the topic of his “off-market” fights, Masvidal pointed out his past as a fighter on the streets. “Miami is famous for the slapping,” said Gamebred. The BMF title holder also has a “technique” for slapping his opponents, “I like to get a little of finger in the ear so their ears start making that pinging noise” said a gleeful Jorge.

Jorge Masvidal has a history of fighting in the streets of Miami, here is talking about it on the Joe Rogan Experience:

Masvidal has since moved on from his backyard fights and into a much more professional setting with the UFC, but “Street Jesus” still lives up to his name as he has had “off-market” brawls with UFC rivals Leon Edwards and Colby Covington.

Most recently, Masvidal was arrested after he assaulted Covington in the streets of Miami. This attack came after Masvidal suffered a resounding decision loss to his former friend and teammate, Covington.  Jorge and Colby became bitter rivals after their friendship turned to hate due to numerous reasons.

Masvidal has had many wild incidents throughout his life and career, the latest of which was revealed on Paul’s podcast. Jorge Masvidal’s crazy antics make him one of the UFC’s most entertaining fighters.


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